Approximately 95 players are expected to participate in the Final Qualifying Stage.


  • Qualifiers from the current year’s Third Qualifying Stage.
  • Players who were fully exempt (for at least one year) for the 2022 Tour Tournaments, and failed to retain their fully exempt status for the following year.
  • Players who were exempt for the current year’s Tour Tournaments under Section 10-1(20) of the Tournament Regulations (Players qualified for Special Medical Extension), and failed to earn their exempt status under the category of “Top 65 finishers on the Official Money Ranking” for the following year.
  • Other players approved by JGTO.

Dates and Play style, Venues

  • Date: From Tuesday, DEC 6th to Friday DEC 9th 2022 (4days)
    Designated Practice day: Monday, DEC 5th, 2022 (1day)

    [C] Tom・Watson Golf Course (Miyazaki) EL:0985-21-1301

C:Without caddy (You can play with your private caddy. Use the cart to drive by yourself)


  • 72 holes stroke play (18 holes on each day for 4 days)
  • The ranking eligibility to play on the 2023 JGTO Tour Tournament and ABEMA Tour will be determined according to the results after 72 holes obtained during the 4 days tournament and the players must be finished with the Tour Member Guidance.
  • ③ In case of ties, the results of 4th round shall be used to break the ties. If it is not determined by the scores of the 4th round, 3rd round, 2nd round, 1st round, 4th round 18th hole scores, 17th hole scores and so on will be used as a tiebreaker.

Pro-Am Tournament

  • Schedule: December 10th (Sat), 2022
  • Venue: Phoenix Country Club
  • Target Players: Tour Member Guidance Among the target players, those with the highest results in the final stage (several).
    *JGTO will prepare the accommodation the day before.

Entry fee

220,000 yen
(inclusive of 20,000 yen consumption tax)
*Exemption for the Qualifiers from the 2022 Third Qualifying Stage

Application acceptance period and application terms

※Witten Entry
From Monday, OCT 17th, to Monday, NOV 28th, 2022
(Any application with the date of mailing indicated by the postmark on the envelope being NOV 28th will be accepted.)
* The payment for the entry fee is accepted prior to the entry date.

※Web Entry
From Monday, OCT 17th 10:00:00AM, to Monday, NOV 28th 23:59:59PM, 2022

How to apply to participate in JGTO Qualifying Tournaments

Remittance information

※Written Entry (Bank transfer only)
Account Number: 4860764
Name of Account Holder: Japan Golf Tour Organization
Swift Code: SMBCJPJT
Bank Address: 1-1-2 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 105-0005 Japan
* If you remit form the outside Japan, a transfer commission is charged also at the bank there and the bank in Japan. Ask a bank there about the transfer commission and add the charge when you transfer your entry fee.

※Web Entry
Credit card payment only

Withdrawal Deadline

5 PM on Wednesday, NOV 30th, 2022. See 5.Regulations.

2022 ENTRY

  • First Qualifying Tournament
    6/15(Wed)~ 7/11(Mon)
    (postmarked valid on the day)
  • Second Qualifying Tournament
    8/10(Wed)~ 9/8(Thu)
    (postmarked valid on the day)
  • Third Qualifying Tournament
    9/21(Wed)~ 10/17(Mon)
    (postmarked valid on the day)
  • Final Qualifying Tournament
    10/17(Mon)~ 11/28(Mon)
    (postmarked valid on the day)